Cyrotalk Society Programs -
  Learn, Share, and Synergize with Economic Action of Humanity Projects

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Cyrotalk Society Programs

Today, the advancement of the technological world is inevitable. The digital age seems to "sink in", like it or not, to the joints of our lives.

Based on Wearesocial's report, there are some amazing facts. Among them is about the number of internet users in the world that has reached 4.021 billion people. This means that more than half of the people on earth have used the internet.

Not only in terms of increasing access, but also from the duration of using the internet. Wearesocial reports that the world average uses the internet for six hours per day to access the internet through various devices. If this duration is multiplied by the number of world internet users, then the duration of internet usage by all people on earth can reach more than 1 billion hours to go online in 2018.

Let's we imagine, if the internet community in the world united together to build positive synergy and collaboration that called cyronium. Creative collaborations with enormous impact will certainly continue to emerge with mutual respect for differences, build strength and compensate for weaknesses.

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