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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Make Money Through Video Games

Not only sales of devices and games, but matches between clubs in the league can also turn into a spectacle that will replace the thrill of watching the ball.

The players involved are already like athletes in a sports match so that the terms Esports or Electronic Sports were born in this sector as a recognition for those who pursue this field as a 'future profession'.

Investigate, many young people have hundreds of millions of salaries from the profession as gamers.

This economic opportunity comes from the sale of supporting devices to play games such as a mouse, keyboard, PC, video game console to a headset.

In addition to revenue from various devices, the development of Eseports is also getting bigger in Indonesia. We are different in Esports, there is coding then we have online media and broadcasting that creates content. Because of Esports, the industry is very broad, not just playing the game. At present Esports development in Indonesia is growing rapidly. After in the middle of last year Esports entered one of the sports in the 2018 Asian Games, gamers felt they were given recognition.

On a professional scale, Indonesian Esport athletes today have even succeeded in having achievements at national and international levels.

Regarding income is not playing games, many of the top game athletes in Esport have been able to pocket Rp. 100 million / month from various sources of income.

New jobs for special event organizers are also increasingly needed. Besides that the game industry will also need experts in media and broadcasting to work on content and treats from game play that will be presented to the audience who love Esport tournaments.

Championships and Tournaments

The earnings of Esports athletes mainly come from match prizes in the various championships they follow. Unmitigated, in one race win, a team can pocket US $ 32,000. When multiplied by the current exchange rate in the range of Rp. 14,600 / US $, an Esport club can pocket Rp. 467 million.

Game Tutorial on Youtube

Game players or professional Esport athletes generally have their own social media channels from Instagram, to YouTube.
Various activities from starting to play games, matches to video game reviews can be obtained as interesting content that can invite many viewers and followers on social media.

Not only club-owned canals, there are also many personal channels that are currently owned by gamers or Esport athletes who have sprung up on YouTube video sharing sites. From the perspective of the advertising industry, the subscriber numbers are very potential to be seen as promising advertising channels.

Real Money Trading

Real Money Trading or transactions with real money become one of the sources of income for Esport athletes. A number of RPG games require players to have weapons that are capable of winning superior in combat. These weapons are actually available just like that in a game.

It takes extra effort to get a high level weapon from starting to forge it with valuables obtained during adventure in the game.


An Esport club will have fans like a football club. With its reputation, selling merchandise such as shirts, hats, stickers to key chains can be money.

Collaboration with Game Companies

An e-sport club is also likely to be partnered by video game developer technology companies. The company is willing to pay pro gamers to test new games that are being developed.

(adapted from selfi, detikcom)

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