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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Nowadays Millenials Hard to Buy Houses, Must Be Subsidized?

Millennial generation is currently considered difficult to have their own housing. In addition to a lifestyle that tends to be wasteful, the increase in the price of home homes is also considered to be the cause of millennial generations who still enjoy occupying rented housing.

According to Chairman of the Indonesian Real Estate (REI), Lukman Purnomosidi, millennials are residents with a responsible income. Millennials also cannot buy subsidized houses because their income is more than the maximum limit of income allowed to buy a subsidized house.

"This is a problem, if the purchase, say, the price of 200 million is subject to VAT, it adds 20 million. They have no strong installments anymore," he said at the Indonesia Housing Creative Forum discussion at Ambhara Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/9/2018 )

Lukman explained, for subsidized houses has many facilities, ranging from VAT-free, PPH is only 1% and interest is 5%. But the facility can be obtained only for a house for 140 million.

"But if the price of his house is only 141 million or higher than 1 million, the facility is all disbanded. The question is how millennial can buy a house," he added.

Therefore, Lukman suggested that the government also provide subsidies to millennials. The government can make a new classification for Low-Income Communities (MBR).

"We have the idea of ​​making a semi-MBR housing. Let's say the house costs 145 million to 500 million. They also get subsidized facilities, but yes 50% of the MBR is received below," he explained.

Meanwhile, in terms of housing supply, according to him, it must also be encouraged. Because this also encourages the increase in residential prices.

Lukman assessed that the regulators are now quite helpful by issuing several regulations. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) for example, which will later allow developers to apply for credit for the purchase of housing land.

"This policy is good, because the subsidized mortgage company is abundant. But it's like a car, for second and third gear smoothly, but the other gear stagnates. To buy land is difficult. Several years ago, land loans in banks were a maximum of 5 billion, maybe later. it will be 50 billion. If 5 billion, it is now only to buy 2 shophouses ".

(Danang Sugianto, detikFinance)

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