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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

MyUKM, Solutions for SMEs in Order to Compete Globally

Alibaba Group CEO, Jack Ma said that small companies will play a big role in Indonesia's economic progress going forward. So, he advised the government to immediately encourage actors in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) to utilize internet technology in developing business.

General Manager of Business Concept Specialized PT Remains Bright, Aldi R Pramanda agreed with the opinion of the Chinese billionaire. According to him, it is indeed the time for MSME products to compete with foreign products, one of which is by utilizing technology as a marketing tool.

For this reason, the company has continued to develop the Myukm application from the beginning so that it can be used by SMEs to market local products.

"Through Myukm, we have the determination 'It's time for us to be proud of domestic products, 100 percent of local products'," he said in an official statement in Jakarta on Monday (3/9).

Myukm itself is not only a marketplace, but also provides financial technology (fintech) features. The fintech feature is expected to be a solution for SMEs who have difficulty in developing their business capital.

"With the concept of fintech business, it is expected that Myukm will be one of the best solutions for business people who need to get financial solutions," he added.

The challenge in developing MSME business into the digital era is network infrastructure. Internet access must be evenly distributed in all regions, so that small and medium businesses are easy to run their businesses.

PT Still Continues Bright in the near future will do a soft-launching of the Myukm application as 'Alibaba' Indonesia. Aldi added that his party had also presented the Myukm application workflow to representatives of a number of ministries and local governments at the LAN headquarters, in mid-July 2018.

"We are also very confident that LAN has the ability to think that is almost the same as what was conveyed by Jack Ma in the presence of several Ministers of the Indonesia Kerja Cabinet. So we hope that Myukm can provide support from the private sector for the Licensing Services program to Integrated Electronicly (Single Online "Submission / OSS) which the government has inaugurated some time ago," he explained.

"Overall, our hope is that Myukm is able to bridge MSME business players with the government and consumers related to the challenges in the world of technology. Indonesia in the future must be able to become a developed country," he concluded.

(Idris Rusadi Putra, Merdeka)

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