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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Low Carb Diet may be Shortening Your Life, According to Study

No one knows for sure what to do with carbohydrates, those controversial foods that are bad to consume and even worse, to eliminate completely.

A recent study funded by the National Institute of Health joins the debate by coming to the conclusion that a low-carbohydrate diet can shorten a person's life by about four years, according to a publication in the medical journal The Lancet Public Health .

The study, which analyzed 15,428 Americans aged 45 to 64 over a 25-year period, found that those who replaced carbohydrate with proteins and fats derived from animals, such as beef, lamb, pork and chicken, are more likely to die early that those who opted for a diet full of vegetables, nuts, peanut butter and whole grain breads.

"Our information suggests that low-carbohydrate and animal-based diets, prevalent in North America and Europe, could be associated with a shorter shelf life and should be discouraged," said Sara Seidelmann, lead author of the study in a statement. press, according to USA Today .

But the study also has bad news for carbohydrate lovers: a diet high in these foods can shorten a person's life in a year.

"These findings bring together several aspects that have been controversial. Too many or too few carbohydrates can be harmful, "summarized Walter Willett, Harvard Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition TH Chan, and co-author of the study.

"What counts most is the type of fat, protein and carbohydrates," he added.

For this study, it was determined that a low carb diet is when at least 40 percent of calories come from this type of food. In contrast, a diet high in carbohydrates is when more than 70 percent of the calories come from these foods.

(JOHANNA A. ÁLVAREZ,  elnuevoherald)

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