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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Rehabilitation process of Owa Jawa

1. Health Check

Examining physical and health conditions, both during the quarantine period intensively and after a regular quarantine period.

2. Outer Quarantine Cage

The place after the quarantine period is completed, to familiarize Java gibbons in the new environment and socialize with other Javan gibbon individuals.

3. Introduction Cages

Where two individual Javan gibbons of different sexes are introduced to each other in order to find a match and become a regular partner.

4. Cage Match

Javan gibbon place that has been successfully paired and can increase pair bonding.

5. Habituation Cages

The Javan gibbon's place adjusts to the new environment before being released.

(Conservation International)

How We Can Save Owa Jawa / Javan Gibbon

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