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Monday, August 20, 2018

#PrayForLombok, Help Thousands of Lombok Earthquake Refugees

Breaking News:

The earthquake again rocked Lombok on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Recorded 8 large earthquakes with a force of magnitude:
5.4 SR (at 11.06 WIB)
6.5 SR (at 11:10 WIB)
7.0 SR (21.56 WIB)
5.6 SR (at 10:16 p.m.)
5.8 SR (at 22.28 WIB)
5.0 SR (at 22:45 WIB)
5.1 SR (23.21 WIB)
5.5 SR (at 23.37 WIB)

In 2 weeks, Lombok was rocked by three major earthquakes.

Among them on July 29 at 05.47 WIB at 6.4 SR, 5 August at 18.46 WIB at 7.0 SR, and August 9 at 12.25 at 6.2 SR.

Until Sunday (12/8/2018) there have been 521 aftershocks.

Earthquake Victims

The total death toll was 381 people and 1,477 people were injured
Many people have broken bones because of collapsed buildings. Most experience head and foot injuries.
* the data collection process is still ongoing

Infrastructure Damage

A total of 67,875 housing units were damaged. Not only that, 13 hospitals and health centers, 65 mosques and musholla, and 468 schools were damaged.
Severe damage occurred in the cities of Mataram, North Lombok and East Lombok.

Number of refugees

At present, a total of 270,168 refugees are scattered
1. Kab. Lombok Barat: 68,946 people
2. Kab. North Lombok: 158,880 people
3. Mataram City: 12,769 people
4. Kab. Central Lombok: Data Not Entered
5. Kab. East Lombok: 29,573 people

ACT Post

The Emergency Response Team Aksi Cepat Tanggap has expanded the range of post-disaster handling areas by building 7 evacuation posts in Lombok.

Emergency response programs that will be implemented in each Command Post are:
a. Distribution of food and clean water
b. Public Kitchen (Humanity Food Truck)
c. Health services and logistical needs.

Refugee Needs

  1. Public Kitchen / Fast Food
  2. Clean Water / Mineral Water
  3. Basic needs
  4. Nutritional intake (milk, baby food, etc.)
  5. Communal Tents
  6. Clothes, blankets and bedding
  7. Household equipment
  8. Hygiene kits
  9. Health services

Stay Strong Lombok, We will always be with you..

Friend, let's give the best help to our brothers in Lombok by following this step:

  1. Visit https://kitabisa.com/korbangempalombok & Click "DONASI SEKARANG"
  2. Enter nominal of donations
  3. Choose payment method (GO-PAY / Dompet Kebaikan / BCA / BNI / BNI Syariah / BRI / Credit Card)
  4. Get report via email

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