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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Make Rich Through Your Phone

The higher risk you take the more money you get. Surely everyone has heard this term right? This time we talk about financial portfolios.

Being rich, successful, prospering to be capable and position above is mandatory. That's if we want to quickly help others. there is no quick way to help many people except with strength, money.

There are other ways to help with your own skills, teach them, treat them and more. But our hands are two, our legs are two. That needs to be helped by thousands.

Actually, outside of property there is the fastest to help many people, namely those who have POSITION or POWER. with wisdom, a lot of people will be helped by a policy memo. But the writing this time is not about power holders. Because it is difficult to tell the authorities or candidates for power to help the community. We talked about them not helping at all, all otopilot elsewhere.

Now how do we achieve prosperity. if we have a job, have business. I believe you have between 2-10 hours a week that can still be done to get multiple streaming of income.

Various sources of other opinions are known as the second term in prosperity, namely LEVERAGE.

The formula of prosperity number 2, L. Wealth W = V x L. still remember?

V is the value, L is Leveraging. Leverage and connection.

If valuation is to raise your value, your name, your brand. Leverage is like a river expanding the width of a river and multiplying tributaries to the estuary. Your deposit is in the estuary, in the sea.

Your salary, it's one of the tributaries. Then?

One of your leverage is your financial portfolio, you share. There are short term, long term, low risk, high risk.

At present, 20% of my financial position is in high roollete, a high risk portfolio. I suggest friends start from 5% first.

Play stock in the exchange category into the medium to high risk category. But it has been proven that the last 5 years of my portfolio here return more than 50% per year. Dow Jones, Singapore stock is growing rapidly.

There is a new toy for 6 months, I only play 2 hours a week. What is that? Playing on Cryptocurrency eh it turns out the result is pretty good hahaha.

At first, just trying to do millennial business. But something that I've known for 30 years really helped me play cryptocurrency. 2 of my children play there, I don't get up to date.

I suggest friends to get to know this world more. This world of cryptocurrency is a future business. The world of "other income" millennial children. There are free mock up trades, apps. On your cellphone. Rather than the former or a hit, trading in cryptocurrency and the like.

This blockchain-based world will skip social media. Nation building, banking 5.0, artificial inteligen, socialtechno, augmented reality, 5G communication all exist. Wi fi becomes obsolete, cellphones are a source of money and that has happened now. We also have to take off in search of prosperity, do not live on the runway.

(By: Mardigu Wowiek)

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