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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Change Clothes in the Field, Alize Cornet are Considered Violating the Code of Ethics

The US Open tennis tournament has been hit by controversy over the assumption of sexism in the field, after tennis player Alize Cornet was considered to violate the code of ethics for changing his clothes in the opening round against Johanna Larsson.

When the French woman returned to the field after a pause due to medically induced heat, the 28-year-old did not realize that she had accidentally changed clothes.

Cornet protested the referee about the length of time needed to walk back from the rest zone allocated to the field 13.

After putting down his bag, he stepped into the shaded area behind the field, placed his racket between his legs, turned his back to the opponent and the audience and quickly lifted the top of his clothes, exposing the black and red sports bra quickly.

Shortly after he returned to his place, referee Christian Rask sentenced him to a penalty.

Commentators and social media quickly condemned the penalty.

Among those who voiced disappointment was Judy Murray, mother of former US Open champion Andy Murray.

Although Cornet has technically carried out "unsportsmanlike behavior", Murray and other players quickly showed double standards in sports.

Male players regularly change their clothes at the end of the game, with permission from the referee while sitting in their seats.

Cornet has observed the WTA rules in the first instance and replaced his shirt in the locker room that emphasizes privacy.

With temperatures reaching the 40s, on the pitch - which prompted a break due to heat in both men's and women's matches - the need for fresh clothes during the match was spoken at Flushing Meadows in the opening round.

(Australia Plus ABC - detikNews)

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