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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Welcoming Asian Games, Asian Singer covers 'Meraih Bintang' Via Vallen

Welcoming the 2018 Asian Games event which was held in Jakarta and Palembang, INASGOC as the organizing committee released an album entitled "Energy of Asia" which contained 13 songs to enliven the biggest sports party of the year. Some famous Indonesian musicians were invited to sing songs on the album. One of them is Via Vallen.

The up-and-coming dangdut singer sang the song titled 'Meraih Bintang' nicely. With an energetic tone, this song can ignite enthusiasm.

Some of the hits musicians from Asia also made official cover of 2018 Official Theme Song Asian Games 'Meraih Bintang' which was sung by Via Vallen in their language.

Aseel Omran

The Egyptian singer immediately stole the spotlight when she presented the 2018 Official Theme Song Asian Games with her melodious voice.

Jannine Weigel

Cover Meraih Bintang songs in two languages, English and Thai.

Siddarth Slathia

Was appointed to compose "Meraih Bintang" into the Indian version. Siddarth sang the lyrics in a stunning Indian accent.

Jason Chen

Provide a balanced portion for English and Mandarin when covering the song Meraih Bintang by Via Vallen. Jason also keeps the hook 'yo, yo ayo'.

Kim Ji-hoon

Known to often cover popular Indonesian songs. He brought the Korean version of Reach for The Star with a more energetic feel.

(Septika Shidqiyyah, Brilio.net)

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