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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

4 Customer Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

Is buying life insurance including one of your financial resolutions? If at this time your position is as the main breadwinner in the family, you should indeed have life insurance as a family financial risk management strategy.

Having life insurance can help you anticipate the financial risks that can arise due to the death of the breadwinner and because of other disasters that make the family income taps disrupted.

However, to buy life insurance also needs its own precision so as not to get stuck in the purchase of inappropriate products. It often happens that someone buys life insurance, turns out not to meet the needs so that when disbursed, the financial risk that is avoided still happens and destabilizes the family's financial health.

For example, the sum insured is very small, not according to estimates. Or most of the premiums or fees paid per month turn out to be large enough due to certain reasons from insurance companies.

If you plan to buy life insurance, pay attention to the following four major research errors so that you don't buy wrong:

1. Do not know the needs of the sum insured

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